Does Social Media Keep You From Sleeping?

Studies have shown that social media use can interfere with sleep. The light from the screens can disturb sleep and interfere with mental health. In addition, social media can worsen symptoms of anxiety and depression. The research team will present its findings in an April issue of Preventive Medicine. The study authors are concerned about the impact of social media on sleep. They urge people to cut down on social media use and focus on relaxing activities that will allow them to sleep soundly.

If you’re not able to sleep because of your smartphone or tablet, try turning off your devices at least two hours before bedtime. You can also use a blue-light-filtering eyeglass. Some screens also feature a Nighttime Mode that replaces blue light with yellow. While this might seem like a minor change, it could go a long way toward improving your sleep. So what can you do?

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Researchers have shown that the emotional connections between people who use social media during the day and those who do not have these connections have a significant impact on sleep quality. Young people report that they miss out on social media without their smartphones at night. It is difficult to disengage from social media at night when the emotional connection with these sites is so strong. In addition, young people who are highly invested in their social media accounts often report having trouble sleeping.

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