Jumia Co-CEO Kene Okafor – Techcrunch Interview

Jumia, one of Africa’s largest e-commerce companies and the continent’s most publicised unicorn, has struggled to earn a profit since going public in 2019. Investors are looking for signs that its losses may end soon masstamilan.

In our latest interview, we sat down with Jumia co-CEO Kene Okafor to talk about the challenges and opportunities facing his company. He also shared his thoughts on entrepreneurship and technology as drivers of African development.

How Kene is shaping the future of e-commerce in Africa

With Jumia’s growth and expansion across 20 African markets, Kene is a leading force in digital transformation. He is the driving force behind the company’s vision for a more inclusive e-commerce landscape and has helped shape its product and strategy myvuhub.

His responsibilities as co-CEO include overseeing the overall strategic direction of the company, ensuring its long-term profitability and growth, focusing on operational efficiency and establishing a strong culture and brand identity within the company. He also oversees the growth of the company’s digital channels and operations teams, including its marketing and customer experience departments teachertn.

He has been at the helm of Jumia for nearly 10 years and has led the company to become one of the most prominent e-commerce players in Africa. As a result, Kene has helped transform the way Africans shop online and build a thriving business for both Jumia and its sellers.

Kene’s leadership has driven Jumia to become Africa’s number-one e-commerce platform with over 15 million active users and over 400,000 suppliers. He is passionate about accelerating African economic growth by connecting generations of consumers and businesses through digital transformation pagalsongs.

As co-CEO of Jumia, Kene has a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges of leading an African e-commerce platform, particularly when addressing local needs. He is a visionary who believes that digital transformation will be the key to catalyzing the continent’s development.

While he has been at the helm of the company, Kene has had to deal with several hiccups along the way. He was forced to restructure the company’s management structure and implement cost-cutting measures that have helped save over 30% in monthly staff costs, according to Jumia’s latest financial results yareel.

Despite the challenges, Kene has shown tremendous resilience and commitment to his vision for empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs in Africa. He and his team are on a mission to create a world-class online marketplace in Africa that offers equal access to goods, services, and opportunities while tapping into the needs of local communities.

With over a decade of experience in the online space, Kene has a deep understanding of how to leverage technological innovation to drive Africa’s economic growth. He is passionate about leveraging digital technology to enable more Africans to shop online and make payments more easily and securely.

His approach to leadership is centered around the idea of “tapering initiatives to local needs” and has resulted in Jumia becoming one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Africa. He is a visionary who has been at the helm of Jumia since its inception and has helped shape the company’s strategy and technology.

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