People Forget My Birthday – Should I Forget Theirs?

Is it possible to make people forget your birthday? One Reddit user posted an experience in which a friend forgot her birthday and posed the question: Should I do the same? This got a lot of discussion going, with the question being asked about the nature of passive aggression and the consequences of such behavior. Let’s explore these questions and learn how you can avoid it. Here are some suggestions:

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First of all, if your friends and family are not making an effort to remember your birthday, why? Are they in a bad mood or have a hard time remembering? Is it because they aren’t celebrating? Or are they just not feeling well? There are many reasons why people might forget your birthday. It could be that you don’t know them very well or that they don’t have time to celebrate their birthday. If you’ve lost contact with your friends and family for months, they may be unable to remember yours either. If you can’t seem to reach them, try contacting them through your network.

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When planning birthday celebrations, look ahead each month. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to purchase the gifts you need. Special gifts require more time and thought. Pick up great presents during sales and have a stash of greeting cards and wrapping paper ready to go. Regardless of whether you’re on a budget or on a tight schedule, you can make sure that everyone remembers your birthday! It’s not healthy to ignore your loved ones’ birthdays.

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